The Mango Resort

By Dante

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This is a collection of stories about The Mango Resort. Each chapter will be a different story or event of which I intend keep running as an ongoing series. The themes may involve Husband and Wife sharing, BDSM, Cuckold, Swinger and Fetish clubs, Dogging, Watersports, Drug use, Beast, Transgender and many other fetishes…

So if these subjects offend you in any way…
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She came running out of his room screaming abuse, then threw his severed cock into the Ocean. Trevor staggered out the room clutching a white towel covered in blood to his stump, trying to stem the flow but the blood was going everywhere. And as the other guests came out of their rooms to see what the commotion was all about, the girl had run along the balcony, down the steps, jumped on her motorbike and was gone.

Karl’s the name and I’m the new owner of The Mango Resort, a nice little hotel with a pool, surrounded by tropical trees and coconut palms. I fell in love with it three years ago as soon as I saw it, nestled in the hillside with the long balcony directly overlooking the ocean, in a secluded bay between Patong beach and Laem Sing beach in Phuket, Thailand. The previous owner was a German and he’d split up with his wife who’d basically bankrupted him (surprise surprise). Anyway he wanted to move back to Germany, so I did a deal and gave him Two million Baht, about 98,000 Australian dollars and agreed another two million over the next two years. But I actually cleared the final payment within the first year by selling my pad in Brisbane and still had loads of dosh left over in the bank in case it all went tits up.

Luckily the hotel was held in a Thai company, so his stupid Thai wife ended up with fuck all and I’m also protected from the “gold diggers” who think they can just fuck your brains out and then try to get their hands on the hotel or your cash. However, the German guys wife did have a good run for five years and wasted most of his savings.

So that’s how I ended up living in Paradise on the ocean in Phuket and boy… have I got some stories to tell…!

Currently just turned fifty and was married to a Thai for six years previously, but like most guys… I’d had enough with her gambling and wasting money and divorced her a couple of years ago. We lived together in Australia and to be honest the sex was fucking amazing and she couldn’t get enough. She’s now living with a mate back in Oz and good luck to them… We used to have threesomes most weekends but like it always does with Thai women, as soon as things started getting weird, we split up and she moved in with him. My mate and I still talk and they’ve even been out here on holiday where we all slept together as a threesome just like old times.

The Mango Resort – Chapter 1

The Mango Resort 4
January 10 – 2020 – Trevor

Trevor was a builder from the UK and although he was a real man slut, usually having two or three girls a day every time he came to stay at the Mango Resort, he was a great guy and we got on really well. Many an evening would be spent having a beer on the terrace overlooking the ocean and evening sunsets as we’d swap stories. Trevor’s problem was, he couldn’t be happy with just one girl. Even in the UK where he was from, he told me he had several girlfriends on the go at any one time, been divorced twice and was in his early forties. But he comes to Phuket three to four times a year, because the amount and choice of girls was no comparison to the boring old UK as he called it.

Now his other issue, which I never agreed with was, he’d always pretend he was looking for a nice girlfriend and told them he wanted to get married and build a house in Thailand… Buy a car, have a traditional Thai wedding and pay a dowry, buy them gold… You know… all the things that make Thai girls drool at the mouth and sleep with you for free if they think they can capture you.

So Trevor was a real expert at scamming the girls and had absolutely no intention of marrying any of them. He just enjoyed the game, the chase and getting to fuck them for free.

Now virtually all the girls in Phuket and several other tourist destinations are available and many work the bars to earn money for their families. In fact many girls I’ve met, hate having to “sell their pussies” as they say, but they basically don’t have a choice. Jobs pay a pittance and even if they have a university degree, there are literally hundreds of applicants for every position.

So he’s always meeting them via the online dating sites, then telling them he’s looking to sell his house in the UK, find a nice Thai wife and build a big house here. Then he shags them for free and many of them play their own bullshit game by telling him, “how much they love him” and “what a beautiful big cock he has” and cling on to him thinking he actually loves them and the fall for his bullshit.

Regarding his cock, he was always showing me messages he’d received from the girls when they said anything about his cock, one message I remember went something like this,

“Hi Trevor I love you forever and never see man with cock like you before. So big and I so scared, but you fuck me good, make cum many time. See you tonight X”

He was forever turning his phone off as they keep calling him, and the hotel, constantly trying to find out if he’s with another girl or whatever. But he also has about three regular girlfriends, some with cars or their own business that he fucks every time he’s here. And many a time, he’s had a girl in his room and another has turned up at reception asking if he’s in the room…! We then have a problem as they always want to go check he’s not in the room and we have to make an excuse to stop them. Basically we don’t want to get involved and tell them, they need to call him on his phone as we cannot discuss guests private affairs.

Luckily anyone visiting The Mango Resort has to climb up the steps and walk through reception to get to the rooms which are all located on one level. Each room has a big double glass sliding door on the long shared sun deck balcony facing the ocean, and a back door facing the swimming pool built into the hillside.

Well on this particular day, Trevor was in the room with one of his regulars and another girl he’d been fucking a few times that week was suspicious. Apparently, she’d called him several times and he’d always make lame excuses like he was playing pool with his mates or basically not answering his phone and turning it off.

She turned up at reception and was asking all the usual questions and Mindy told her, she needed to call him. The girl started arguing with her saying, she knew he had another girl in his room and his motorbike was outside. Mindy told her again it was none of our business what the guests do and she’d have to call him… But she stormed off in a bad mood.

Eventually Trevor appeared and I told him what happened, but he just brushed it off and laughed saying… She’s a good fuck and has her own car and coffee shop in Kamala beach and he’d call her.

Later that afternoon he turned up with her on a motorbike, saying everything was OK and winked at me as he led her to his room. Mindy gave me a raised eyebrows look and we went into our room which was right next to reception. We also have a CCTV camera set up so we can see if anyone came up the steps to reception and a couple by the pool and other locations.

About half an hour later,

She came running out of his room screaming abuse, then threw his severed cock into the Ocean. Trevor staggered out the room clutching a white towel covered in blood to his stump, trying to stem the flow but the blood was going everywhere. And as the other guests came out of their rooms to see what the commotion was all about, the girl had run along the balcony, down the steps, jumped on her motorbike and was gone.

I ran over to Trevor’s room, made him lay down and shouted for Mindy to call an ambulance, but he was losing so much blood I was afraid he gonna fucking die so told her to get me the car keys.

I told him to press hard to stop the flow and said, We needed to get to the hospital now. He understood but our problem was getting him down the steps to the car parking area. Luckily he was a big strong guy and his anger and cursing helped us get to the car where we jumped in and I drove the ten minutes to the emergency hospital.

They rushed out with a wheelchair and asked if we still had his severed member…? but I told them the girl threw it in the sea. They rushed him into surgery and I basically left them to patch him up. The following day, I went to see him where he told me the full story and went on and on about how he was going to find the bitch and sort her out.

A week later he was out of the hospital and his insurance company had organised a flight back to the UK. We never saw the girl again and the police told us it was quite common for girls to cut their husbands or boyfriends cocks off…! And Thailand has some of the best micro surgeons in the world. I can only assume they get a lot of practice. But in Trevor’s case… his very impressive member that he used to boast about, was fish food.

The Mango Resort – Chapter 2

July 2019 – David and Gina

Another guest who’s stayed at our place a few times is David and his stunning Thai wife Gina. He owns and runs a 150 foot charter sailing yacht and has a house in Krabi, but whenever he’s cruising on the west coast of Phuket, he books a room. We hit it off because I also love yachts and I’d recently purchased an old sailboat to renovate and have it moored in the bay in front of the hotel.

So he’d booked a room via Airbnb and we started talking yachts and boats. But as the night progressed, his stunning sexy wife was getting more and more flirty and kept pressing her leg against mine under the table. I wasn’t sure what was going on at first as she was sitting next to me and he was opposite. I wasn’t with Mindy at the time, and sort of in between girlfriends, and Mindy came into my life about six months later. Anyway, he was chatting away and she was rubbing her foot on mine and giving me flirty looks.

Then David said,

“I think she fancies you mate…!”

I didn’t know what to say so just shrugged my shoulders and smiled.

“You up for a bit of fun Karl… we like a bit of fun with friends and have a couple of swinger groups book our yacht charters,” he continued.

“Well David, I’m into whatever you like and your wife looks absolutely stunning.”

She smiled at him then reached over and placed her hand on my leg.

“Is he hard yet…? he keeps staring at your boobs babe.. why don’t you have a feel and see if he’s ready…?”

I’d only had a couple of beers and they were only drinking water, but never expected that and couldn’t believe it when she started squeezing my cock over my shorts.

“Hmm m… yes darling.. it’s getting hard now…!” she said still fondling me under the table.

“Why don’t you open your blouse and let his play with your boobs…?” he said to her sitting back and smiling at me.

She undid a few buttons so her blouse fell open, her beautiful tits were sort of pushed together in a half cup bra. He leaned over and eased one out as she went back to playing with my cock.

“Look at these mate… They’re fucking beautiful and she has really sensitive long nipples.”

He pulled the other one out and started caressing them in front of me.

“Go on mate, have a feel… He said sitting back and having another sip of his bottled water.

She was stroking my erection up the leg of my shorts so I reached over and caressed her tits as well.

“I love watching her play… Go on mate, do what you want.. she’s up for it.”

I could see she was enjoying what I was doing so I leaned in closer and started kissing her on her mouth still caressing her breasts. She was wasting no time and unzipped my flies and had pulled my cock out, squeezing and wanking it.

David just sat there watching and smiling while sipping his water. So I slid my hand down onto her thighs and up her short skirt. She broke the kiss and looked at him then back at me and parted her legs slightly. I slid my hand higher, stroking her inner thigh, then rubbed the gusset of her silky knickers. Fuck me she was so sexy I nearly shot my load as she was wanking me quite hard. I pushed in further and heard her moan, so kissed her again slipping my fingers under her knickers leg and entered her soaking wet slit.

“Is she nice and wet…? I can see by the look on her face you must be inside her,” he said.

I started fingering her harder like she was doing to me and within a few minutes we made each other orgasm together. She was moaning and gripping my shoulder as I shot my load all over her hand.

“Well done old boy… Now that’s what I call erotic and a sight to remember,” he said as he lifted his bottle as if giving me a toast.

I sat back and handed Gina the tissue dispenser box to clean up and had a swig of my beer.

“What an interesting wife and yacht charter business you have David, so tell me, do you have these swinger cruises often and how many people do you take out at any one time…?”

“Depends really, sometimes it’s just a couple who book the whole yacht for a few days and sometimes is two or three couples. But we have five luxury double cabins plus our own.”

“So have you ever been at maximum with five couples then…?”

“Only once with the swingers… but for the normal charters we’re at full capacity quite often… So are you coming to our room this evening or do you want to entertain us in yours…?”

“I think I’ll come to yours for a while if you don’t mind. But I may have a girlfriend coming round later… Depends if she’s free or not, she has a typical Thai husband that makes her go out and meet foreigners… You know, to earn money by selling her pussy… But she’s a really nice girl and I met her when a hotel customer brought her here to the hotel one night. He was another piece of shit… left early in the morning as she was asleep without paying her. She was in tears and I befriended her as she was scared to go home with no money.”

“Can’t believe there are bastards like that out there… How can they use a girl and then fuck off without paying…! I mean they have to eat and it’s all about survival out here…! David replied.

“Exactly, so I gave her some money and told her to be happy and good luck. She was ecstatic and so happy… she said she’d pay me back… Now… Not thinking in million years a Thai would actually honour a debt… But she turned up a week later with the money… It was only five hundred baht so I told her no problem and she could keep the money… again she was so happy, threw her arms around me and was kissing and hugging me. Anyway, she was about thirty two I think and had a couple of kids but was still really attractive and had a stunning body… So I said.. listen Nina… If you really want to pay me back… You can come to my room and we can have some fun.”

“Very nice… so I take it she’s one of your regulars now…?”

“Yes she pops in once or twice a week after seeing a client, and sometimes I give her another 500 Baht, but surprisingly, she tries to refuse it. But it’s peanuts for me and I just want to help her out.

“You’re gonna have to tell me more, sounds like an interesting arrangement.”

Then Gina said,

“I go room… take shower.”

David said OK and that we’d be coming soon. We had another beer and he asked me to tell him some more about Nina.

“Well, hopefully you might get to meet her soon, but to be honest she’s a bit like your missus Gina… same height, nice long legs and similar age. I prefer the older ones as their more into it… You know, they really enjoy the sex and when they cum… it’s really genuine and not put on like a lot of the stupid young girls that lay there like a fucking dead fish and after a few minutes start saying… Quickly Quickly. Then as soon as you cum, they’re out the bed and in the shower getting dressed…! Pisses me off every time as they want 1000 or sometimes 2000 Baht but can’t or won’t do the job and want it all over with in less than ten minutes…!”

“Yes I agree… I prefer the older ones like Gina as well… So you think she’s up for some group fun then…?” David asked.

“Never asked her to be honest, but we have a pretty good relationship now and she knows what I like. Apparently her husband likes to make love to her when she goes home, so I make sure to give her a good fucking and empty my load just before she leaves.”

“So she doesn’t jump in the shower then…?”

“No he tells her not to as he wants to lick her out.”

“And she’s into it then…?”

“Yeah I suppose so.”

“Hmm m… very nice indeed…. I hope she does call… but come on, we’d better go see if Gina’s ready.”

Then on the way to his room he said,

“Listen Karl.. the reason I married Gina is because she’s into into all kinds of kinky play… but I’ll tell you more later.”

When we walked in, Gina was on the bed totally naked except for some black hold up stockings, legs spread and rubbing her smoothly shaven slit with her finger, caressing her breasts and licking her own juices off her finger.

“Go on mate… jump in first… I like to watch then I’ll join in a bit later.”

I sat on the bed and stroked her leg as she lay back and moaned, cupping both breasts and squeezing her nipples. She had such an erotic look on her face and was licking her lips and biting her bottom lip while watching me. I slid my hand between her legs and stroked her smooth inner thighs and then slowly brushed against her pussy. She was so wet I could see it glistening so slipped my finger in, it was so inviting, I moved between her legs and pushed them apart, delving down to pleasure her with my tongue. She tasted so sweet that I lapped away like a thirsty dog and pushed her right legs back so I could rim her anus. This made her moan even louder so I knew she was enjoying it and forced my tongue in deeper.

“That’s it mate… Give her a good licking she fucking loves it… Shame were not on the yacht eh babe…? We could let Sinbad join us as well.”

I had no idea what he was talking about but assumed they had a crew member called Sinbad they let join in with them… but as soon as he said it, Gina started wailing and had a massive orgasm, sticky white goo like a guys cum was oozing out of her cunt, so I lapped away as she jerked and trembled on the bed.

“Please get Sinbad…?” She moaned to David.

“Sorry babe we can’t bring him into a hotel, it’s not allowed.”

I looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“We’ll have to wait till we go back to the yacht darling… Just enjoy what Karl’s doing OK… he’s gonna fuck you now.”

David indicated for me to do the deed so I slipped my shorts off and mounted her still on her back and squeezing her nipples. As I eased in she moaned,

“Please we go back boat… I need Sinbad.”

“So you got a hunky guy on the yacht then…?” I asked grabbing her arse and fucking her hard and fast.

He laughed and walked around to the side of the bed, caressing her tits and pushing his cock into her mouth. She grabbed hold of it and reached between his legs to fondle his balls. He was of a similar size to me, not big but an average six inches.

“She needs more than me to satisfy her needs,” he said.

He let out a long slow moan as Gina pushed a finger in his arse.

“Hmm that’s it babe.. push it in… Is he fucking you hard enough…?”

“Yes he very good but I want Sinbad.”

“Oh dear… Looks like I’ll have to take her back to the yacht… and I was so looking forward to meeting your Nina.”

I eased up with my pace and rolled onto the bed pulling her on top of me. She started riding me as I looked over at David and said,

“It’s OK if you want to call him up and he can join us in the room… The more the merrier.”

David sat behind her and fingered her arse as he said,

“Sinbad’s a Great Dane and has a much bigger cock than me. Like I said, Gina’s into all kinds of kinky fun…!”

I couldn’t believe my ears, it was too much for me and I shot my load. She eased off and knelt next to me doggy style, letting me slide off the bed as David mounted her and started fucking her in her spunk filled pussy. I sat on the edge of the bed, watching him give her a good seeing to and my phone rang. It was Gina saying she’d be there in fifteen minutes.

David pulled out and entered her other hole, rolling her over so he was on his back and she was on his chest with her legs up in the air.

“Play with her pussy as I fuck her arse mate.”

I knew what he wanted so moved in and started rubbing and fingering her sticky wet slit. She was wailing and rolling her head around as he was embedded in her arse and I had four fingers in her cunt, rubbing her bud with my thumb and squeezing her tits with my other hand.

He started saying in her ear,

“Shall we go see Sinbad then.. and let him lick your pussy while I fuck your arse like this… remember how he can get his long tongue in you and make you cum quickly…?”

With that said… she arched her back and started squirting and jerking all over my hand… I eased it out and held it over the gushing stream as she panted and calmed down from her orgasm.

“We go play Sinbad now…?” She said as he eased out of her back passage and let her sit on the bed.

“Well why don’t we wait to meet Karl’s girlfriend… Maybe Karl and Nina want to come and meet Sinbad as well…?”

I looked at him and smiled not believing what he just said, but was really intrigued to see Gina playing and getting fucked by Sinbad.

“Fuck me mate… I must say that was a fucking horny session to say the least but I don’t think Nina would be into that somehow.”

“You’d be surprised mate… They fucking love it once they’ve tried it. Why don’t you just bring her along to watch… No need for her to join in… just tell her you’ve been invited go watch a sexy show, and if she wants to come as well, no problem. Who knows, maybe she’ll get on with Gina and they can have a good old chat in their own language.”

“I don’t even know if she’s into girls mate… let alone Sinbad…!”

“Come on Karl… They’re all into girls… And if she’s not into it, you two can just watch the show.”

Gina jumped in the shower and I told David I’d ask her when she arrived and had to go talk to my live in housekeeper girl to look after reception.

Nina arrived in a taxi and was not very happy saying she’d just had a big fight with her husband and he’d taken all their money and run off with a young girl. She started sobbing so I sat her down and asked her how much he took…?

“He take eight thousand Baht and now cannot pay rent… and children, have to pay Mama to look after five thousand Baht.”

“So you don’t look after your children then…?”

“No… Mama cos he hit them all the time, and I think he touch my daughter all the time… She crying and say she no want me leave alone with him.”

David and Gina walk into reception and see her crying.

“OK calm down Nina… I want you to meet my friends David and Gina… They have a yacht in the bay and we were going to go see it and have a few drinks onboard.”
“I sorry… I cry… Have big problem… I no go yacht before,” Nina said rubbing her eyes.

Gina rushed over and started talking in Thai. A few minutes later she said,

“No problem… I talk to her and she come with us to boat… She upset cos husband fuck young girl and run away… Fuck him… I fucking hate Thai man… all the same… Use lady… Make pregnant… No take care and then fuck new girl.”

David smiled at me and said,

“Come on.. let’s go down to the tender, we’ll soon cheer her up on the yacht.”

He led the way down the steps to the beach where his inflatable zodiac tender was tied up. The girls followed holding hands, so we put them in the tender and pushed it out a bit, then David and I jumped in. He started the engine and headed out towards his yacht. It was only about fifty meters and when we arrived, he tied the tender to the rear ladder and we all climbed onboard. A teenage girl appeared and said, Hi to Gina, Nina and myself then hugged David.

“So who’s this then…? I asked.

“Oh that’s Lin… She’s our live-aboard housekeeper and looks after Sinbad while we’re ashore. Her mothers in jail, a low life hooker and got caught selling Yah Bah…!”

“Really, that’s pretty serious over here isn’t it, they don’t go easy on drug dealers.”

“Exactly… She got six years and poor Lin had nowhere to go so we took her under our wing.”

Nina was looking around all excited and had stopped crying. Gina was pulling her along by her hand and jabbering away in Thai.

“Is Sinbad in his quarters…? David asked Lin.

“Yes he sleeping but wake up when hear you come back.”

“OK leave him there for now, we don’t want to scare Nina.”

He looked at me and smiled as I followed him inside to the luxurious lounge area. Everything was made of mahogany, the bulkheads, the deck, and the port holes and fittings were all polished brass. Gina was showing Nina around the cabins and Lin was opening a couple of bottles of water.

“We don’t drink beer onboard… Affects the performance and the girls are into watersports if you know what I mean,” he nudged my arm and handed me a bottle.

“Now I need to ask you Karl… Are you in any hurry to get back ashore…?”

“Not really, especially as Nina doesn’t have anyone to go home to. Why…?”

“Well have you ever tried molly…?”

“What you mean ecstasy…?”


“Well I used to back in Oz a few times… fucking awesome and makes me horny as fuck.”

“Exactly… So you think Nina will… you know… have a couple of tabs with us…?”

“I have no fucking idea but I’m game, maybe let your missus talk to her, they seem to be getting on pretty well.”

“Me and Gina had some earlier, that’s why she’s so fucking horny…!”

“Really… So is that why she’s going on about Sinbad then…?”

“You’ve sussed it in one.”

“Lin… Go and get the molly… and then go get Gina… She’s being a long time in that cabin.”

Lin opened a locker and handed him a tea caddy, then walked down some steps to I assumed was the cabins. David opened the box and gave me a couple of little green pills and took a couple himself.

“Come on… lets go see what the girls are up to.”

I followed him down and into a beautifully decorated double cabin. Gina and Nina were laying on the bed kissing as Lin looked at David smiling, then climbed on the bed to join them. I was surprised but not worried as it looked like Nina was in good hands and clearly enjoying herself.

She looked up at me and said,

“Your friends very nice, she tell me have work if I need job… And she say she like make love me.”

“Really… So you like girls as well…! You never told me before.”

“Have sleep with falang couple once… He make love then she want make love me… Then both together…I stay them one week in hotel… Pay me twelve thousand baht… I very happy.”

David nudged me and said.

“See… I told you they’re all onto girls over here.”

“Gina… Ask her if she wants some molly…?”

She had a chat in Thai and they both started giggling… Lin also said something and jumped down walking over to us. David opened the box and gave her six pills… as she grabbed a bottle of water and jumped back on the bed.

“Come on… let’s leave them all to chat and play for a while… give the molly a chance to kick in… Come and meet Sinbad.”

I followed him back up the steps then out onto the main deck. He walked towards the stern then down to the crew quarters where a huge fucking Great Dane was laying down. He held his hand out and Sinbad licked some pills from his palm.

“Fuck me you even give them to him as well…!” I said in surprise.

“Oh yeah.. keeps him from getting too excited… He’s got a huge fucking cock and the molly works on him the same as us… gets him really turned on, you wait and see… The girls play with him all the time.”

“So what about the yacht charters, surly you don’t bring him on them, Do you…?”

“Not the normal charters, but if were asked by the couples before hand, we bring him onboard.”

“So how does that work then…?”

“Well on the website we have a section for the adult only charters and people can message me with any special requests… There’s nothing in writing but when we talk on the phone, I slip it in.”

“I see… What an interesting set up… So how long has he been with you then?”

“About five years now… And thank god he’s stopped growing… He’s almost twice as big as Lin and she has a hard time when he’s on her back and mounting her from behind.”

I couldn’t even imagine her being fucked by Sinbad as she was so slim and basically tiny.

“Hold your hand out and let him get used to your scent.”

I did as he asked and let him lick me with his long dribbling tongue. David filled his bowl with water then walked back towards the bow of the yacht. We sat on some sun pads looking back towards the hotel and all the lights of the smaller houses dotted around high up on the hillside.

“Beautiful location you’ve found,” he said as we gazed around.

I agreed and told him the short version of how I found it and done a deal with the German, then after about thirty minutes he said,

“So you ready to see Sinbad in action then…?”

“Of course but what about Nina…?”

“Don’t worry about her… We’ll let them all play for a while then Lin knows what to do.”

Back in the cabin, Lin and Gina were both working on Nina… They were all naked with Lin sitting on Nina’s face. We didn’t say anything, just walked in and sat down in a couple of chairs. Lin stared over smiling and Gina was still busy between Nina’s legs. David unzipped himself and started stroking his cock so I did the same. And as started getting hard, I felt the familiar rush of euphoria sweep over me from the molly. I knew Nina would be feeling the same and wondered how she was going to react, especially when they introduced Sinbad to the games.

David looked across and said,

“How you feeling mate, I see you grinding your teeth and pulling a face so I take it it’s kicking in now then…?”

“Yeah… Nice and relaxed and horny as fuck.”

Lin saw David wanking and slid off Gina’s face and came over to him, got on her knees between his legs and started sucking and playing with his balls. He lay back smiling and let her continue with his hands behind his head and stretching his back.

“I fucking love the molly… nothing like that shit Yah Bah stuff they use… But can’t get it easy over here… I have a mate who brings it in from Holland,” he said.

I looked at him enjoying her little mouth with his eyes closed… then over at Nina on the bed. Gina was on her face now and in a 69 position. Nina was licking between her legs and pulling her bum cheeks apart so she could also rim her anus. Two hours ago I’d never have believed what we would be doing now and the night had only just begun.

David said something in Thai to Lin and she moved between my legs and started doing the same to me. David was getting up and moving towards the bed.

“You mind if I have a go on her mate…? He asked as he stroked Nina’s pussy and Gina took him in her mouth.

I smiled back and said,

“Go for it… she looks well happy with Gina on her face.”

He rubbed his cock up and down her slit as Gina rubbed her bud and pulled her lips apart. As he entered her, she let out a long sigh… then went back munching on Gina’s pussy. He increased his rhythm as Gina pulled Nina’s legs back… biting her lip and making a weird face… She was clearly high and closing her eyes rolling her head around.

Lin had nearly made me cum, so I stopped her and pulled her up so she was straddling me in the chair. Her legs wide apart as I felt her slit and cupped her little bottom. She was just as turned on as me and we started snogging as I eased a finger in her tight little anus.

Moaning into my mouth as I explored her with my finger and then eased out to push two in her cunt. God she was so horny, wriggling around and pushing herself down on my fingers… As I entered her, she sat up and offered her nipple to my mouth… Her tits were just tiny little bumps but her nipples were quite long and I was able to roll them around in my mouth, sucking them hard which made her sigh. I eased my fingers out and held her bum with both hands… pulling her little pussy open as I lowered her down. She reached down and held my cock as I impaled her, rocking back and forth as I slipped a finger back in her bum. Her pussy was so tight, it was like she was milking me, and we enjoyed the feeling of ecstasy flowing up and down our bodies.

David was still inside Nina and fingering Gina at the same time…But Gina kept saying,

“Sinbad… I get now… Please Sinbad…?”

David could see Lin was getting frantic about to cum so he nodded at me, as if to say finish her off. I sensed what he wanted me to do, so started pulling her onto me harder and told her,

“Cum on Baby… Make yourself cum and then you’re going to get Sinbad.”

That did the trick and she clamped herself onto my cock like a limpet. Hugging me really tight with her little pussy muscles contracting and squeezing my cock… This made me shoot my load as well… She started giggling and kissed me, waiting until I’d finished pumping, then eased off and ran naked out of the cabin.

David smiled and said,

“She’ll be back soon… Maybe you want to get Nina up and sit with you to watch the show.”

Gina slid off her face as David withdrew… She sat up and looked at me with a weird look on her face.

“I feel so horny and funny Karl… I cum many times and Oh My God… What I doing…!”

“Come over here babe… Gina and Lin are going to give as a sexy show…”

Nina slid off the bed and came over to me as David sat back in his chair. She sat in my lap on the chair as I caressed her breasts and she rested her head on mine.

“Why I feel nice and happy…?”

“It’s the molly babe… the little pills we had before.”

“The Yah Bah…?”

“No it’s not Yah Bah… It’s ecstasy or people call it molly… they use it a lot in Kho Phangan at the full moon parties.”

“Yes my friend tell me before… Make you feel like fuck anyone,” she giggled.

Lin appeared with Sinbad and Nina screamed hugging me tightly, then Gina said something in Thai as Nina just stared back on shock.

“Don’t worry babe… That’s Sinbad, he’s lived with David for five years.”

“Five years… But so big…!”

“Yes he’s a Great Dane… But his name is Sinbad.”


“Yes… Just sit here with me and don’t be scared OK…!”

“OK… but what they do with it on bed…?”

Sinbad knew exactly what to do as he jumped on the bed and lay down without making any fuss. Gina knelt down by his head and he started licking between her legs… his long tongue was going right inside her as she moaned and held his head with both hands.

Lin was laying down next to him and was half his size… Stroking his cock and balls, smiling at Nina it started to grow.

I caressed Nina’s breasts and whispered in her ear,

“They like to play with him because he has a big cock…!”

She was speechless and just staring as Lin was licking the end while stroking him, making him longer and longer. Gina started moaning again and was trying to fist herself as he was slurping all over her hand and pussy. David was out his chair and moving in position behind her, wanking his cock to full hardness before easing it into her anus. She started rubbing her clit as Sinbad’s tongue delved inside her driving her wild. His cock was as long as Lin’s forearm, long and slim like a cucumber and easily twice as big as mine or David’s and with more girth.

David was fingering Lin as she sucked Sinbad and his cock was in Gina’s arse.

“Is he ready yet…?” David asked.

“Yes it coming soon,” she answered in between slurps.

Then he started to shoot long jets of clear sperm all over Lin’s face… She giggled and held it aiming it into her mouth then clamped her mouth over the end.

Nina was in total shock watching the action and had reached down to play with my cock. Even I couldn’t believe how much sperm he was ejecting and as she pulled off, she opened her mouth to show Nina… all running out her mouth and he was still spurting… She swallowed and aimed it up at Gina who reached down and caught some in her hand, bringing it up and licking it all off. She did it once more before Lin clamped her mouth on it again to tale another load.

Nina stared open mouthed as they both licked and savoured Sinbad’s spunk.

David was looking at us smiling and said,

“Enjoying the show…? And this is just the warm up, he can go on for hours and hours on the molly and is as placid as fuck.”

I positioned Nina over my cock, so I could enter her from underneath and she could watch the action sitting on me, holding her tits, I rocked her back and forth as we watched them playing with Sinbad. David groaned and obviously cum in Gina’s arse then eased out and returned to his chair. She quickly turned around so she was kneeling with her arse and pussy over Sinbad’s face. Lin was pulling him up but he was still licking between Gina’s legs. But she eventually managed and he was towering over her. Lin was trying to pull him on top and was standing on the bed by Gina’s head pulling on his collar. Sinbad stepped forward so he was standing over her and Lin ran around to help him get his cock in.

Nina stopped moving and just stared at Lin aiming the huge cock in Gina’s pussy. He started humping but it slipped out so Lin put it back in and pushed down on his back. He seemed to understand that meant… “fuck now”. This time it stayed in and was deeper than before. Lin was underneath pulling him in and caressing his big balls hanging down.

Gina started moaning and wailing, gripping the bed covers as he was fucking her like a freight train… He was almost all the way in her pussy and Lin was rubbing all around trying to lube it all up. Then we saw David reach out and squirt something on her hand from a tube which she rubbed all over the base and Gina’s pussy.

Then he was in and Gina let out a scream and started panting. Lin climbed out and clambered around to Sinbad’s head, stroking him and holding him in position. Between her legs we could see him pumping and ejaculating, spunk was dribbling out and seemed to be going on forever.

Poor Nina was still staring in disbelief, so I started rocking her back and forth on my cock again. Waves of pleasure and a strange tingling feeling was rushing over me every few minutes.

David saw Nina staring with her mouth open and said,

“He can cum like that for ages.”

Gina was in heaven, moaning and pulling the bed covers, having multiple orgasms as he continued to unload inside her. Sinbad tried to pull out but his lump was still locking them together and Lin couldn’t hold him, so David jumped up and between them, they managed to get him to lay on his side. Gina was still impaled and lay between his legs squeezing her tits and rolling her eyes each time another wave of euphoria rushed over her making her orgasm again and again.

Lin stroked his head and kissed Gina then moved back to between his legs as David handed her the tube of gel. She started smearing it all around his lump and balls and giggling.

“Don’t do that Lin… he’ll never go down and start spurting again…!” David said.

Nina was rubbing her own bud as I sensed her impending orgasm, so rocked her harder until she exploded and bent down clutching her pussy as a long stream of piss gushed out onto the floor.

“I sorry… Oh My God… I not do before.. I cum so hard and…!”

“It’s OK babe… It’s normal to squirt on the molly,” I told her.

Lin squealed as Sinbad’s cock slipped out and he started licking himself clean. Gina crawled away to the top of the bed and let Lin hug and kiss her as she lay on her back recovering.

“She cum mak mak…!” Nina said as she eased off my cock and sat in my lap hugging me like Lin was doing to Gina.

“She like mak mak too…!” David replied.

(mak mak means very much or too much in Thai.)

Lin said something to Nina that I didn’t understand and Nina started shaking her head and answering back in Thai… then they both burst out laughing.

Sinbad was off the bed and walking around the room so David pulled him over to the bed as Lin kneeled down on the floor with her body on the bed, letting him lick and sniff between her legs.

“She going to fuck him now…!” Nina exclaimed as we both watched in disbelief.

David moved onto the bed and hugged Gina saying,

“This has to be seen to be believed… how she can take his fucking cock is unbelievable… He can’t get the lump in but it’s a fucking amazing sight.”

Sinbad mounted the bed and Lin could hardly be seen as he was completely covering her and she was laying underneath him. His legs were jerking away trying to find her hole and then he was in… Lin started moaning as he started fucking her faster. It was truly surreal as he was more than twice her size and his cock must have been stretching her to the max. When I was fucking her, she felt so tight but I suppose his girth was only a bit more than me.

Nina had to go and have a look, so walked around to stand behind her, looking down at his cock going in and out. Gina patted the bed next to them telling her to sit down. Nina sat down and Lin reached out from underneath Sinbad to hold her hand. She smiled at me and I saw her fear had turned into fascination and was even stroking Sinbad’s head. He started licking her hand which made her giggle and Gina said something in Thai again.

Nina moved up the bed and lay back onto Gina and David, it was like they were hugging her between them. Her legs were parted and Sinbad must have noticed the different scent. Gina said something to her again and Nina rubbed her pussy, then offered her hand to Sinbad again… He started licking it with his long tongue and she did it again.

He must have loved her flavour as he was soon sniffing and licking between her legs. Gina and David held her in their arms, caressing her breasts and stroking her hair and arms as she let Sinbad explore her entrance with his tongue.

I couldn’t believe my eyes… She was willingly letting it all happen and I was as hard as rock watching her get more and more worked up.

Lin wailed he was ejaculating again and started giggling as sperm was spurting and pouring out of her on the floor. She somehow managed to slide out and was between his legs, licking and trying to catch it all in her mouth again.

Sinbad was really enjoying Nina and she was holding his head as his tongue must have been deep inside her and when she orgasmed and started jerking, it looked like she was having electric shock treatment.

David was smiling at me as if to say, I told you so… So I just shrugged my shoulders and carried on wanking till I shot my load yet again. I was fucking knackered and yet, the molly was making me so fucking horny I just couldn’t stop.

Lin climbed out from under him and got up, Nina was covering her pussy with her hand as she’d cum so hard and Sinbad wouldn’t stop licking. She pulled him away as David told her, she’d better put him in his quarters to calm down a bit. So Lin dragged him out the cabin and still naked, led him away. Nina reached out for me so I lay next to her on the bed and we hugged till Lin came back.

“You’re welcome to spend the night on board with us or in a cabin if you’ve had enough… But were gonna be playing for a while as the molly’s still working and… what else am I gonna do with these two beauties still high and horny…!”

“What do you want to do Nina… Stay here and play or go back to the hotel…?”

“I want sleep… Please… so tired… And my eyes funny… see light flashing all time in eyes… Cannot stop thinking.”

“She’s still high mate… Lin… can you take her in the other cabin and she can close her eyes for a while. David said.

“No I want you sleep me too… Please…” she said grabbing my hand and pulling me after her.

“Better go with her for a while,” I said.

“Sure no problem,” David replied.

Lin opened the adjoining cabin, smiled and went back in with David and Gina. We lay on the bed as she closed her eyes and started talking about Sinbad and what happened.

“Listen babe… We can talk tomorrow… You try to rest… OK.”

I caressed her breasts as she moaned and reached down for my limp cock.

“Why you cock no hard…?”

“Because I’ve cum too much and the molly makes it go like that after a while as well.”

“Really… So cannot go up…?” She said as she started rubbing her pussy again.

“That’s it babe, I can help you cum again if you like.”

We both played between her legs as I kissed and caressed her breasts.

“Sinbad have long tongue… Like snake in pussy… Make me cum too quickly.”

We must have fell asleep for a while but I woke up to find Lin was in bed with us playing and sucking on my cock, and giggling when I asked what she was doing.

Gina came in carrying coffee and doughnuts, so I told Lin to play with Nina as she was still sleeping and I slipped out of bed and asked Gina where David was. She said he was went up on deck so I took the coffee and said I’d go and have a chat with him.

“Hi David, How’s things… did you get any sleep at all…?”

“Not really but I’ll probably have a long sleep later…But Gina and I have had a chat and decided to offer Nina a position on the yacht… I hope you don’t mind and we’ll always pop in when in the area.”

“Well mate, we’re not an item so it’s entirely up to her, I can only hope she can better her situation and she seems to get on really well with you guys.”

“It’ll have to be a trial period as nobody knows what people are really like until you live or work with them for any length of time.”

Nina was over the moon and said yes as she had nothing to go home to… kids were with her mum, and husband had run away.. I told her it was a great opportunity and David said he’d bring her to see me when ever he was back in the area with clients.

The Mango Resort 2

Chapter 3

24th February 2020 – The Tattooed girl

We received a short notice telephone booking yesterday evening and very strangely, they turned up within thirty minutes, paid cash but also had a special request.

Two guys turned up in a car with a sexy hooker type girl. They basically wanted to use the room and swimming pool for about six hours, and said they had a couple of friends coming to visit them. Then they were all driving to Bangkok at about 3 AM.

They checked in at six o’clock in the evening and about fifteen minutes later, another car arrived with an older woman and a girl of which I assumed was her student daughter. They all went into the room but shortly afterwards, the sexy tattooed girl came out and sat by the pool. She had a cigarette then walked around as I watched her on CCTV in reception.

Then one of the guys came out of the room and they both sat by the pool talking. I sensed something weird was going on as she walked back through the reception area and went to their car to get something. Then a few minutes later, walked back and sat next to the guy by the pool. As I was watching, she pulled her T-shirt over her head, unclipped her bra, then peeled off her shorts as the guy just sat there casually smoking and watching her.

She stood in front of him with her hands on her hips in just a pair of tiny black knickers and holding the T-shirt. It was starting to get interesting and I was watching even more intently. I assumed she was about twenty two, slim and sexy with a dragon tattoo on her upper thigh. Her pointy little tits and nipples were sticking out as the guy reached out to caress them. She let him have a feel then walked over to the pool, testing the water with her foot. The guy went back into the room and the girl sat back down, pulled her T-shirt back on and lit up another cigarette. She’d been chain smoking ever since she arrived and I felt something was really fishy about this group. It seemed to me that, one of the men was with the tattooed girl and the other was visiting his wife and daughter.

The tattooed girl started walking around the pool, then sat in a chair and was basically looking around and checking everything out. She noticed the CCTV cameras and walked around the pool again, looking into each camera. We have six CCTV cameras, all showing different angles around the resort like the car park, reception, swimming pool and balcony areas.

I decided to go outside to turn a few lights on around the pool as it was getting dark. The blinds were closed at their room, so I had no idea what was going on inside and they were casually watching me as I walked around.

Being the friendly hotel owner that I am, I smiled at the girl as I walked past and she smiled back. Then to my surprise, she pointed at the camera facing the pool, and then at her watch, mouthing ten o’clock and held up her hands with fingers spread showing ten fingers.

I was intrigued to say the least but thinking to myself, What the fuck was going on…! I walked back to reception and continued watching the CCTV monitors.

She was sitting in a chair by the pool with her legs crossed, directly facing the CCTV camera. Lit up another cigarette and as I watched, she looked directly at the camera, slid her hand down between her legs and started masturbating to the camera.

Mindy was walking past, so I called her over and pointed to the CCTV monitor.

“What she doing…?” she said in surprise.

“I have no idea,” I replied.

Then one of the guys came out of the room and she sat back acting all normal again. They lit up a couple of cigarettes again, so Mindy and I went off to our room. Mindy started Facebooking on her phone, so I had a shower and when I jumped in the bed, opened YouTube and also my mobile phones CCTV App feed so I could continue watching.

The older woman and young girl still hadn’t come out of the room, nor had the other guy and I was getting suspicious. The girl and guy outside went back into the room, and it looked like they were checking to make sure the window blinds were closed. One of the CCTV cameras directly faces their room, so if the blinds are open, we can see into the room.

The sexy tattooed girl came out and lit up again, she sure loved her cigarettes and my sixth sense told me something very weird was going on in their room!

She walked around the swimming pool again and this time looked directly at each camera. Then continued around to the balcony area and sat at table facing a different camera. She must have known I was watching, cos she looked directly into the camera and pulled her knickers to the side to showing me her totally smooth pussy. Stroking and fingering herself as she pursed her lips and smiled at the camera.

Then she got up and walked back to the swimming pool, peeled off her t-shirt and walked down the steps into the water, clambered into a large rubber ring and was floating around topless with her legs open in just her tiny knickers, smiling up at the camera.

Although I was enjoying her little game, I couldn’t stop thinking, what the fuck was going on in the room…!

The woman and young girl had been in the room for nearly three hours, and I suspected that the sexy tattooed girl was there to keep watch and entertain me. But why was the other guy going in and out of the room all the time…?

I thought at first, that his friend was having issues with his wife and daughter, and they just needed a safe place to meet and talk. However, they could have done that outside by the pool as there was nobody else around.

But then I suspected it was a typical rich Thai, that had arranged for a young girl student to fuck. It goes on all the time here, and I’ve seen many old, married, wealthy Thai men turn up with a beautiful young girl for the night. It’s absolutely unbelievable. In Thailand, students that want to make extra money, simply employ the services of a mama-san or fixer. It could be a taxi driver or more often than not, a woman (mama-san) working at the school or university, that arranges the meet. The girl can earn several thousands of Baht (and good grades) for having sex with teachers, policemen, older men or expats that are into fucking young girls.

Four hours later, the woman and young girl had still not come out of the room and the sexy hooker and the same older guy were still smoking and chatting outside. Then I saw the older woman appear and the guy sitting outside went into the room.  So the older woman and the girl were sitting at the table chatting and smoking. This went on for at least half an hour, then the older woman went back inside.

What the fuck was going on in that room…!

The girl outside looked directly at the camera and pointed to the balcony area. I was transfixed as she walked around the pool and sat on the table again. It was in secluded position from any guests wandering around but not the CCTV. Looking directly into the camera, she lay back on the table and slipped her hand inside her tiny black knickers, clearly fingering herself, then she pulled her T-shirt over her head and tossed it on the bench.

Her tits were quite small but her nipples were hard and sticking out. Two fingers now inside her pussy and her tits were on show, legs wide open and it looked like, she was trying to fist herself…! Fuck me… my cock was so fucking hard and I was stroking and squeezing myself in the bed. I had to get up and find out what the fuck was going on, so I told Mindy, I couldn’t sleep and was going to do some emails in my office by reception.

I continued watching her on my phone and she was still staring at the camera, but now had a glass coke bottle in her pussy and making sexy faces to the camera. I went outside and walked around to near where she was playing, I was standing directly behind her, so whistled and she turned around. She saw me standing in the shadows, so pulled the coke bottle out, stood up and walked towards me. Then without any communication whatsoever, she dropped to her knees and eased my cock out of my shorts and started sucking me like a porn star. She pulled off and said something in Thai, but we couldn’t communicate as I don’t speak much Thai and had no idea what the hell she was talking about!

But my God, this girl was so fucking horny, but why was she doing this…! I didn’t really care any more as she was giving me such an amazing blow job and had pushed her finger up my butt. Fuck me it felt good, squeezing my balls and fingering my butt as she deep throated me.

She was a really sexy slut for sure, and I had to pull her head up off my cock, cos I was about to shoot my load within seconds if she continued. She stood up and kissed me on the mouth as I reached down to caress her bottom, then slid a finger between her legs. She just smiled up at me and grabbed my cock again.

As we were in the shadows and out of sight, I lowered her down onto the wooden deck and we started snogging properly. I was thinking about her using the coke bottle on herself and pushing as many fingers as I could into her wet and willing pussy. I managed three no problem so I tried four with my thumb curled in, it was quite tight, but after a few turns, with her moaning and sighing into my mouth, my whole fist slipped in.

She started panting and lay back holding my hand still, then started to pull and push holding my wrist. What a naughty little slut of a bar girl she was, it was fucking amazing, she was squeezing and wanking my cock as I fisted her on the floor. She eased my shorts down and pulled me towards her. Fuck me, she took me down her mouth and started fingering my butt again. This time I couldn’t hold back and ejaculated down her throat. My fisting must have sent her over the edge and she started jerking and saying something totally unintelligible to me in Thai.

I told her I didn’t understand, but she just started giggling, jumped up and ran back around the pool to the room, where the other guy was now sitting outside. They both disappeared into the room, so I quickly went back to my office and watched the CCTV again.

The older woman came out and sat with the tattooed girl, smoking and talking. It was just past one AM, and I’d still not seen the young girl come out of the room…!

As it was getting late, I went back to bed but obviously couldn’t sleep so just kept watch, and at two thirty AM, they all exited room and left the resort. I didn’t want to wait till the morning, so went off to check the room, It had six used condoms in the bathroom bin…!

They’d obviously been fucking the young girl as she didn’t come out of the room all evening…!

Chapter 4

2 March 2020 – Apple and the German.

Apple was a very interesting and attractive creature for sure, she was a Lady-boy and put most bar girls to shame with her beautiful long hair down to her waist, stunning breasts and sexy long legs.

She’d been to our resort about four times over the last six months and each time, she was with a different boyfriend. And each time she’d smile at me when her boyfriend wasn’t looking and give me a finger over her mouth look as if to say, “pretend you don’t know me.”

Mindy told me later, that Apple had several boyfriends that sent her money, and she’d basically met them all online. And whenever they wanted to come on holiday to spend some time with her, she’d book them into the Mango Resort.

Well, on this particular occasion, she turned up with a big fat German guy. He must have been late fifties and could hardly speak a word of English. Apple spoke fairly good English, so I was able to talk to her more than him, and she was always coming over to ask for this or that… And I suspected she was flirting with me.

So one morning, he was in the room and she was sunbathing by the pool. Not wearing much, just her bikini and a big floppy hat. Her breasts looked fucking amazing, I thought they must have been implants and were about 36 C, which is huge compared to most Thai girls.

There wasn’t anyone else around and it was about midday, and as everyone had gone out or was on the beach, she undid her bra and was laying on a sunbed by the pool. I couldn’t help stare at her long shapely legs and exposed breasts, so decided to go out to see if she needed a drink or anything. Mindy had gone shopping with a friend so it was just myself manning the fort so to speak.

I walked out and as soon as she saw me approaching, squealed like a little girl, like they all do, and covered her breasts with her hands.

“Oh I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to shock you, I just wondered if you fancied a nice cold coconut from the fridge or a drink of anything…?”

“Oh… My God.. You make me scared… I not see you… Yes can I have a coconut cocktail please…?”

“Of course… So where’s your boyfriend today… Shall I get anything for him…?” I asked staring at the bulge in her tiny yellow knickers.

“No he in room… I think he sleeping… I not happy… He want fuck all night but I tell him… I so tired and want sleep… But he not care me.”

“Sorry to hear that Apple… Is he in Phuket for long…?”

“No only one more week then he back Germany… But I have new boyfriend come two days after he go home. So need book room again for two weeks… Can do…?”

“I’m sure we can do that for you,” I replied.

“But please, you no say anything to boyfriends… Not say I stay here before… OK…?”

“Of course not… I understand and won’t say anything… So you have many boyfriends Apple… How do you keep them all hanging on…?”

I was only standing a couple of feet from her head and she kept glancing at my crotch, so she replied,

“I fuck them good and they fuck me and I do sexy show on webcam… Make they horny and cum quickly,” She said giggling then reached out and quickly squeezed my cock.

“I making you hard too… hmm m… I want suck your cock.”

“Hey hold on Apple… what if Mindy sees you or he comes out and catches you…!”

“Mindy go out… I see before… And Gurt… He asleep… I come your room… Give you good time and you give me commission for bring customer your hotel next time…?”

“Well well, a sexy body and business mind.. So how many boyfriends you have then…?”

“About fifteen but get many new man contact me everyday.”

“So they all send you money then…?”

“No… Maybe eight or nine. I come your room now… yes…?”

She puts her hand down and exposes a pair of tits most men would die for… huge fucking nipples and she started caressing them while giving me a sexy look and biting her bottom lip.

She reached out and started squeezing the end of my cock again as it was already hard and bursting to get out of my shorts. I knew I should have walked away, but once it’s up.. it’s got a mind of its own, so I just stood there letting her do it, then felt her sliding her hand up the leg of my shorts. Fuck it was so horny so I stepped closer and she was able to caress my balls. I reached down and had a feel of her tits.

“So you had implants then Apple…?”

“No… no have implants… I take hormones.”

“Really, and you gonna have the operation and go all the way…?”

“No…. I like cock… Have pussy and cock… No want have operation.”

She managed to push my shorts up and the end of my cock was exposed, next thing was, she was sucking the end and pulling me closer.

I didn’t see Mindy until it was too late,

“So you like lady-boy now…?” She said giggling.

Apple jumped back and covered her tits saying,

“Sorry… oh sorry… I no want problem… Oh no… already have problem with German man.”

I stepped back as Mindy came up to me and felt my still erect cock… putting my arm around her I said,

“Sorry babe… It just went up and she started playing with me, are you OK…?”

“Yes I OK but want make love room… You make he horny too much.”

Apple grabbed her bra, hat and towel and jumped up,

“I go back my room… So sorry…”

Mindy said something to her in Thai and they seemed to still be friends, Apple smiled and started walking back to her room, but stopped and said,

“Sorry but… No have soap in bathroom… Please can bring…?”

I told her I’d send the maid in to refill the dispenser. But it’s always the same with gays and lady-boys… they go through so much soap it’s incredible. And just to be clear, it’s not used for washing…!

Mindy and I walked back to our room where she pushed me down on the bed and climbed on top.

“You let her suck your cock… I see… and you play her boobs… She bigger than me… They hard or soft…?”

“Quite soft actually, I thought they were implants but she said they weren’t.”

“Yes implants very hard my friend have before… Now she big but no have good feeling…. I no want…!”

Mindy was pulling at my shorts and had nearly got them down, the old John Thomas was up again and ready for action when we heard shouting and screaming coming from outside. I quickly pulled them back up and jumped off the bed to go see what was going on.

The fat German was shouting abuse at Apple and she was in the pool in just her knickers. He started throwing all her clothes out the room and we had no idea what he was shouting…!

He said something to me but I just waved my arms and said,

“Sorry no understand…”

He stormed off and went back in his room as Apple swam to the side and told me and Mindy, he went crazy because he wanted sex again and she didn’t cos there was no soap left, but he apparently didn’t care. Apple slapped him around the face and he dragged her out the room by her hair and started slapping her… So she jumped in the pool.

Then we appeared…

“So what you going to do now then…? I asked.

“I no like German man… all same… Cheap Charlie… no want spend money… But want sex too much.”

She started crying, so Mindy picked all her clothes up and said to bring her to the room. I helped her out the pool, grabbed a towel to cover her then walked with her to our room.

Mindy sat her on the bed and started jabbering away in Thai, then asked me to go get some beers. I wandered off to the bar near reception and grabbed a few Chang beers.

Back in the room Mindy said,

“Can Apple stay with us tonight…? German man not pay her and she say he fuck her all night.”

“No… he no fuck me… his cock very small… he use hand and I very sore” Apple said as Mindy stared at her in surprise.

“What…! you mean he’s been fisting you all night…? I said.

“Yes…” Apple replied.

“So why do you want her to stay with us tonight then…?” I asked.

They both looked at me then burst out laughing. Mindy grabbed my hand and pulled me on the bed, climbed on top and said,

“I so horny… want make love with you and Apple.”

I wasn’t complaining so said great… so why don’t you get undressed. She pulled her top off, unhooked her bra then pulled her shorts down as well. Apple just lay there caressing her tits and watching us get undressed.

I saw her touching her bulge a few times and wondered what I was letting myself in for… But Mindy was back on top of me, kissing and playing with my cock.

“I can play you and you play me but no fuck me… I too sore,” Apple said.

“No problem,” I replied.

Mindy was like a cat on heat so I pulled her down so she was laying between me and Apple.

“I want see her cock…!” Mindy said.

Apple smiled and placed her hand on her bulge, Mindy giggled and started exploring and squeezing as Apple caressed her much smaller tits with me.

“Hmm… she sexy girl… I no make love girl long time… Only falang man.”

I reached down between Mindy’s legs and slipped my hand in her knickers making her sigh. She was already wet so I slipped a finger in and worked on her clit with my thumb. Apple was also moaning as Mindy had pulled her cock out and it was fucking huge. At least nine inches and fat like a long aubergine.

Mindy started stroking it up and down then pulled her foreskin down exposing her shiny pink helmet.

“She so big… Oh my god…!”

Apple was in her element and obviously showing off… She knelt on the bed next to Mindy and let her wank it up to full hardness. I was watching in awe still fingering Mindy. Then Apple shuffled closer and held it towards her mouth, Mindy knew what to do and started licking and slurping all around it squeezing her balls as Apple held her head face fucking her. Then she was sliding her hand down to her pussy, so I eased out to see what she was going to do. She pushed in and fingered her just like I was doing, but Mindy was going crazy as she started finger fucking her faster.

“You want fuck her…? or me…?” Apple asked.

Mindy pulled off her cock and said,

“Please I want try big cock but I want you too.”

“Go for it,” I said to Apple as she moved down between Mindy’s legs.

She pushed her legs up as I moved behind her head and lifted it up so she could watch. Apple wanked her monster cock as she fingered her a bit to lube her up, then rubbed some of Mindy’s juice on her bell end and got in position.

“You ready Mindy… It looks a bit big so don’t scream too much and scare the guests,” I joked.

“Shut up…!” she said as Apple eased in slowly, increasing her pace as it went deeper. Mindy sighed as I held her legs up, Apple was about half way in and said,

“Oh… so nice… Better that fat German pig…”

We all burst out laughing as she pushed in harder and deeper making Mindy orgasm with a long deep guttural moan. I stroked her face and hair as she lay in my lap jerking and panting. Apple had stopped moving but didn’t pull out, she just held Mindy’s hips still embedded inside her.

When Mindy calmed down, Apple continued, increasing her pace as Mindy grabbed my arms.

“She in me too much… feel nice… please darling I want you cock too.”

I slid around and knelt by her head, offering my cock to her little mouth… She started sucking and fondling my balls as I felt Apple also stroking my butt. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but was sure worked up and when Apple started squeezing my balls and making Mindy orgasm a second time. I shot my load into Mindy’s mouth.

She started coughing and spluttering as I ejaculated and she’d cum twice in less than five minutes on the biggest cock she’d ever had in her life.

Apple eased out and lay down next to Mindy, her cock still erect and jerking as if about to erupt. Apple started wanking but Mindy pulled me down with her, she wanted me to suck Apple’s cock with her…! It was an interesting situation as I’d never had any gay inclinations before ,or now, and although I found Some lady-boys attractive, I’d never actually been with one. However, this was such a horny situation and her cock was covered in Mindy’s pussy juice, I reached out and touched it, stroking it at first then feeling its girth and rubbing her bell end. Mindy was onto it and sucking like it was a lollipop. I wanked it up and down and then explored her huge balls… Again twice as big as mine and totally smooth. Don’t ask me why, but I had an urge to finger her anus. I pushed two fingers in no problem, and heard Apple moan.

She obviously liked it, but said,

“Please cannot do now, German man make sore he put hand inside and fuck me all night… He ting tong man.”

I eased out and Mindy pushed her cock towards me… I opened my mouth and took her in.. instantly realising how pleasurable it was to suck a cock. I rolled my tongue around and pulled her foreskin back, exposing her bell end then felt her spurting in my mouth…! What a weird feeling, my mouth filled up with a salty liquid, and I felt some hit the back of my throat… I held it in my mouth until she finished then eased off… Mindy burst into giggles. Apple’s spunk was dribbling out my mouth, I didn’t know if I should spit it out or swallow… I swallowed and they both smiled and started hugging and kissing me.

What an experience… Apple stayed the night and we did it all again several times and the big fat German checked out never to be seen again.

The following day after Apple had left, Mindy told me, she was getting between ten and twenty thousand baht from each of her boyfriends… Which meant she was easily making one hundred thousand per month… That’s three thousand US dollars or four thousand seven hundred Australian dollars… more than we make in the hotel…! Not bad for a Tranny, but not sure about being fisted in the arse all night by a fat German.

That’s the end for now but

More chapters coming soon…..

The Mango Resort

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