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Have you ever wanted to earn money from writing Erotica?

By chance not too long ago… I came across an online course of how to write “Erotic fiction for Amazon KDP” (Not that I wanted the writing instruction…. because everyone has their own style and erotic fiction is quite different to general story writing).
I needed to know the mechanics of how Amazon KDP worked…

The course actually turned my life around because… NOW… I actually get paid to write and look forward to my writing everyday… The course costs $250.

I’m not going to make this a long drawn out sales pitch … you either like the idea of writing erotica… or you don’t… It’s not my course… I’m simply pointing you in the right direction if it’s something you feel you’d like to get into.

I can highly recommend it as my Amazon KDP income is growing every month from about 8 countries…

  CLICK HERE and then click on 

<<<  “How to write Erotica for profit” to read all about it… There are 3 different courses but this is the main one. Click on it and when the page opens… scroll down for all the information you need about the course and what is included.