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Abducted and Addicted in Hong Kong 

Direct Email review – I loved it…

I just finished reading your story “Abducted in Hong Kong”
Wow…awesome. I loved it. A good plot and an interesting tale.
I’m pleased but surprised that amazon allowed you to publish….
with the hint of “pet love ?”

I’m really glad they did.

I would love to read the next “installment”….hopefully, MORE DETAIL
about wolfie ?

David C

Rated it –   5 out of 5 Stars – It was amazing 
Steppingley manor 
Book Three of the series is brilliant.
Alison and Adam both visit the Manor.
They enter separately and Alison is not aware of Adam’s presence.
A terrific book.
This develops Adam as a character.
The BDSM scene and sharing Alison are two major focuses for Dante X.
Beautiful descriptive writing which doesn’t hold back.
Many surprises but a total examination of the BDSM lifestyle by a master author.
Much more will ruin the plot.
Five white hot pulsing shooting stars.
Can’t wait for book four.

Reviews on 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 reviews
Honest Rhone’
4.0 out of 5 stars

30 August 2019 – Published on

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Great story.  My wife had a similar experience in Montreal.  We had been married two weeks and were on our honeymoon.  I too went to the men’s room and when I came out she was talking to a couple that was a little older then us.  They led us to a separate area in the club and the older  woman started to massage my wife.  One thing let to another and we were all fucking.  Other men hearing the commotion joined in and the next thing I knew I was outside looking in while about 10 men had her.  It didn’t work out so good as she got pregnant at the time.  We didn’t and still don’t know if its mine or one of the 10.  Keep on writing.  Enjoyed it a  lot.  Walt

I love reading about a sexy wife who is willing to show off a bit and even enjoy some extra sex. Keep writing. I want to thank you for writing and sharing the stories. OMG I loved this story. It was so very sexy and erotic! I do wish the story could contain a few pics of her as she sounds so very sexy and exciting.
Thank you for writing and sharing it.

Dogging tales – I’m not into men having sex with each other, but despite that, this is one helluva story! K

Keep writing 🙂

Read this first time around and loved it, still do. Nice one

I’m Tess, 54 years old, married. I just read your short but totally erotic story, really enjoyed it and am very aroused. I plan on reading more of your stories so I hope all of them are as arousing as this one

Love your stories

it’s been my dream for a long time to see my wife nude at such a party and fucked by everyone..Will never forget the night I saw her dress around her waist as some random guy fingered her cunt on a crowded dance floor

Very erotic , I enjoyed it very much.. please keep up the good work. My wife and I have always had the k-9 fantasy but with the young girl doing it in your story that made it really hot. Thanks again, loved it!

Wow yes more please

Yes, definitely want to read more of this…

Great story, thanks for sharing!

Orangade – Don’t leave us high and dry here. We want to see chapter 4, five, six ASAP

Exciting story, would love to hear more! Love Asian and Philipino girls/women! it Really true ? Omg !!!


OMG I can’t fucking wait for the next chapter!!!

Yes I want to hear more. Great stories that make me feel horny

Wow such a horny story, made us both cum.

Good story

Very horny  story.

Sounds like it works for all of you!

Horny story!

Lucky Rob

liked that a lot…. more please…

Great story Good girl Sue you know what you want and go all out too get it xxxx

Now that’s a proper holiday trip!!

Great read thanks

Oh I really loved that

Great read…very horny!

Brilliant tale, and it read true as well. Loved the description of her putting out for those lads. Hopefully, now she’s tried multiple fucking she’ll want more. Tell us.

Such a horny story, loved it.

Fun story. Thanks for writing it.

Loved it

Orangade Very hot story, had me precumming in no time. I can’t wait till Rex plants his cock in her…keep up the good work please.

Orangade Making me edit for the next chapter…,*grumble grimble* 
Lol good job

Fun story, I like the fact that Rob was an older guy since I am a 61 year old horny married guy. thank you for sharing I enjoyed it. I hope to join in with a couple some day.

Great story and hope you write part 2 so we can see what the 4 new guys do to her. Just a suggestion also I would love to see her shaved and not let hubby know for a few days letting him think she is on her period. Just a suggestion

Great story need more hope you add more chapters to this awesome story

Love it need to hear more hopefully her friend will get shaved and eaten by Jane

Glad to hear it want to hear more please you are a great writer

Very erotic. Love Asian women, so pretty and willing to please. You write great stories mate. I look forward to reading more?

hi, i really liked the story, erotic and kinky, it got me wet.

Great experience so far, thanks for sharing!

Read your story “Confessions of Lara”, last night.
Wow………….fucking awesome.
My kind of entertainment…!
Love to hear about the “special parties ” next.

Keep up the great work


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