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Books currently being Narrated

Waterworld Thailand – The Girl on the beach
(Completed and Awaiting Amazon approval)

Abducted and Addicted in Hong Kong
(Just started narration 11 June 2020 Finished in Aug to Sept 2020)

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Dantes Erotica – Yasmins Abduction – USA link.

UK link here

Dantes Erotica Yasmins Abduction










This is a story in it’s own right but also continuation of the story from; Steppingley Manor which is the first book in the series. Dantes Erotica – Private Members Club – is the follow up book. Dantes Erotica – Yasmin’s Abduction – is this book.

A brief recap of the story, Marcus and Vicky met Damian at a club in a Fetish club. Damian fancied Vicky, inviting them both, to join his private member’s club.

The story continues, with Nadia and Lin collecting their husbands from the BDSM Sub training at Steppingley manor. They get invited to a special party with Marcus and Vicky on Damian’s yacht, moored in Antibes South of France.

Enter Yasmin with several other characters from the previous stories. The plot continues with more characters being introduced. Cuckold, wife watching, Husband watching, Threesomes, Abductions, She-males, Dominatrices, along with lots of erotic action. Yasmin runs the ATP club on the cruise ship but gets abducted. Marcus uses his security connections, to help get her back. The abductors don’t give up; they follow Damian’s yacht around the Mediterranean. This story concludes at an exclusive swingers’ party in a stunning villa in Ibiza.

The Navigator: An Erotic Sailing Adventure – USA link

UK link here

!The Navigator - Erotic Sailing story










The Navigator – An Erotic Sailing Adventure…

Sergio is the Navigator and meets Anastasia at a swingers party on a private yacht in Cannes. He has to pick up a luxury sailing yacht in Izmir, Turkey…and deliver it to Rimini in Italy…but meets Juan and Kurt…. They rescue Anya, a young Turkish girl from a group sex party on Juan’s luxury super-yacht…. After they escape, they sail to a Greek island and meet two more couples…. The girls get kidnapped, they encounter pirates, a boat gets stolen….

Then, they meet Liam…a young guy that was trying to get back to the UK…. He’d been ripped off, held captive, and robbed…. Sergio befriended him, and he joined the crew…. Everyone on the yacht were swingers and into group sex…. They found out Liam was very inexperienced and had a monster cock….

Erotica Audible

Steppingley manor AUDIO








Steppingley Manor – Full 4 book series – Amazon UK

USA link here

  • Introduction
  • The Initiation
  • The Chauffeur
  • The Cruise ship

(38,588 words – 3.5 hours)

Dantes Erotica : Private Members Club

This is the follow up book to Steppingley manor above.

USA link here

UK link here

  • Estimated Length:  3.7 hours
  • Word Count:  34,480
  • Language:  English









This story is primarily about Marcus and Vicky, who meet up and find they both enjoy the alternative fetish and clubbing lifestyle. After a whirlwind romance and crazy six months of clubbing and sex parties, they get married and shortly after meet Damian. Damian is very wealthy and lives an exciting jet set lifestyle….

He really fancies Vicky and invites them to join a private members club. Marcus is a good looking British guy from North London, fit and tall, 28, and works in airline security based out of Gatwick airport. His job involves in-flight security, so he’s always travelling and staying in hotels unless he has a UK stopover, where he has an apartment quite near the airport. He’d had a few serious live-in relationships in the past but never married….

Until he met Vicky. Vicky was 27, also single and employed as an air hostess, flying out of Los Angeles, California. A stunningly tall, slim, and attractive, half Japanese and half Thai Asian vision…. Marcus was besotted with her from the first time they met on a flight from LA to London.


Marcus was really into showing Vicky off…watching and sharing her with other couples and occasionally letting strangers touch and grope her…. At first Vicky thought he was a bit strange but as soon as she understood that he truly loved her…she started to really enjoy the clubbing lifestyle, using ecstasy, and found the sex with him incredible, doing things she’d never even dreamed of. Her first big fetish party event was at Wasteland in Rotterdam, Holland, where they flew in for the weekend with a few of Marcus’ friends…. One couple was German, Olga and Kirk, and introduced Vicky to her first girl-on-girl bisexual experience. They were all dancing together, high on E’s when Olga started hugging and kissing Vicky in front of Marcus and Kirk. Kirk joined in behind Vicky, and they were both groping and playing with her together.

Erotic story collection 1 Audio








Erotic Story Collection 1 – UK link

USA link here

Cuckold – Wife Watching – Swingers – Dogging

  • He wanted to swap wife pictures
  • The wife and the woman next door
  • Asian Wife wants to try modeling
  • An affair with Bianca
  • My best friends Wife
  • Swingers party in Cancun
  • Sexy slut daughter of my wife’s friend
  • My shared wife wants his baby

(49,218 words – 5.3 hours)

audible Erotic story collection 2







Erotic Story Collection 2 – UK link 

USA link here

Cuckold – Wife Watching – Swingers – Dogging

  • The Girl in Town
  • Two Voyeur Experiences
  • He shared me with his friend
  • Confessions of running an escort agency
  • Dogging with the Polish girl and her friend
  • First time wife sharing at a swingers party
  • Japanese wife – The mansion by the lake
  • The Wife has become a High Class Escort
  • Japanese Girlfriend who loved the BDSM Fetish

(43,643 words – 4.7 hours)









Ladyboys – 10 Different stories – UK link

USA link here

  • A Very Erotic Massage
  • The Massage Girl was a Katoy
  • Two Katoy’s in a small room
  • Hubble Bubble Massage
  • Harry from London
  • My very first Lady-boy
  • Katoy in Pantyhose – Pattaya
  • Lady-boy threesome in the Nana Plaza
  • She was Beautiful, Skinny and Small
  • Katoy with a very small cock

ritish Indian Wife new audio








British Indian wife – 2 book set – USA link

UK link here

  • Likes to be Watched
  • Our Cuckold Game

(23,262 words – 2.5 hours)

Asian wife series 14 books








Asian Wife – Series of 14 Books:  UK link

USA link here

Cuckold – Wife Watching – Sharing – Dogging

The First Time to a Fetish Swinger Club
First Time with a Stranger
First Time Dogging with Asian Wife
Asian Wife starts Webcam Work
Dogging after the Fetish Swinger club
Dogging with Dave
I Shared my Wife at the Penthouse Party
The Girl with a Tattoo on her Neck
Lost my Wife in the Fetish Club
Touched by a stranger (Coach and Cinema)
Asian Wife went with her Dads Friend
Sex, Drugs & Wife Watching in the Fetish / Swinger clubs
Cuckold Sexting with a Shared wife

(80,734 words – 8.7 hours)

Thai wife 6 book set








Thai Wife Sharing and Watching: Six Book Set – 10 Different Stories – USA link

The UK link is here

  • The First Time I Shared my Asian Wife
  • Living in Thailand 1 – Thai Wife Watching & Sharing
  • Living in Thailand 2 – (4 stories)
  • Dogging and Wife Sharing with a Friend
  • A Threesome with my Ex wife
  • Thai Wife and Friends (2 Stories)

(27,986 words – 3 hours)

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