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THE BANNED on AMAZON – Book titles
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NEW BOOKS 2020  Below

Abducted – A British Doggers Story –  14,300 words – Book 1

Escape – A British Doggers Story – 9,900 words – Book 2
(Banned on Amazon – Order below)

Revenge on the Bitch – 17,200 words

Sexless Marriage led to our Naughty Game.  – 21,790 words 
Cuckold, Fetish Club, Cum Lover, Cinema Groping.

Jinn – An Egyptian Adventure with Erotic Supernatural Horror – 38,800 words

Simon and TenshiFirst time cuckold, flashing and sharing – 15,900 words

The Wedding, the Daughter and the Swingers Party – 10,100 words

Janes new Husband  – 15,800 words

Shoni’s Watersports Parties – 26,300 words

Unknown Caller – Wicked Game – 17,780 words

A Collection of Cuckold Stories 20,700 words

Mind Games – An erotic suspense story – 8500 words 

Waterworld Thailand: The Girl on the Beach
Private Members Club Series – 23,400 words

Interviews with the doggers   – 7600 words

The Wife and the Driving Instructor – A Cuckold Story –  8290 words

The Man in the Park – A Young meets Old – Erotic Seduction Story  – 21,500 words

An Unexpected Message: Cuckold Wife Watching and Car Sex with Dave and Jane
(Asian wife series Book 15) – 10,200 words

The Babysitter – First Time Photo Shoot, Cuckold and Car Park Fun   – 9100 words

First time cuckold with young wife – 9200 words

Our Wife Sharing Journey Begins – 13,300 words


Asian wife series (Jane)

Dogging after the Fetish & Swingers club – 6400 words

First Time Dogging with Asian Wife – 3400 words

Asian wife starts webcam work – 6200 words

Asian wife first time with a stranger – 4100 words

Black man fans theme at the swinger club – 6600 words

Lost my wife in the Fetish club – 4400 words

Touched by a stranger – 4600 words
( Coach Trip and In the Cinema )

Asian wife went with her dads friend – 4100 words

Cuckold Sexting with a Shared Wife – 5100 words

Adventures in the swinger clubs – 9100 words

First time to a fetish swinger club – 6000 words

I shared my wife at the Penthouse party – 3400 words

Dave meets ex wife Jane and her friend – 10,600 words

Sex, Drugs and Wife sharing in the Fetish clubs – 5000 words

Asian wife series of 14 books   – 80,700 words

British Indian Wife

Loves to Be Watched – 3700 words

Our Cuckold Game – 19,800 words

Two book set – (as above) 

Thai wife (Sian)

Thai wife shared with a Friend – 3200 words

The First Time I Shared my Asian Wife – 3800 words

Living in Thailand 1 – Thai wife watching and sharing – 8400 words

Living in Thailand 2 – More stories 4600 words

Thai Wife and Friends – 3200 words

Dogging and wife sharing with a friend (Den) – 4000 words

A Threesome with my Ex Wife – 3700 words

My Ex Wife and her Cuckold Husband – 19,800 words

Thai wife sharing and watching (6 book set) – 27,900 words

Lady-boys and Katoys

A Very Erotic Massage – 4800 words

The massage girl was a Katoy – 8000 words

Transsexuals and Katoys in Thailand – 5200 words

Lady-Boys 3 book collection – 15,500 words

Other Stories

A Night of Secret Lust and Passion – Best friends wife – 4225 words

Confessions of running an Escort Agency – 5700 words

An affair with Bianca – 8100 words

Japanese wife The mansion by the lake – 9100 words

Girl with a tattoo on her neck – 14,400 words

Sexy Slut daughter of my wife’s friend – 5800 words

Dogging with Dave – 4200 words

The girl in town – 5200 words

He wanted to swap wife pictures – 3600 words

Japanese Girlfriend who loved the BDSM Fetish Lifestyle – 5900 words

Asian wife wants to try modeling – 9700 words

He shared me with his friend – 2700 words

The Wife has become a High Class Escort – 4500 words

Dogging with the Polish girl and her friend – 3300 words

My shared wife wants his baby – 8000 words

Swingers party in Cancun – 6200 words

First Time Wife Sharing at a Swingers Party – 3500 words

Two Voyeur experiences -3200 words

The wife and the woman next door – 3200 words

The man on the train – A groping and cuckold story – 11,400 words

The German Inventor – 24,400 words

Living on a boat – Wife watching and sharing – 23,200 words

Japanese Escort – 9300 words

The Landlords Tales – 7700 words

Swinging and Wife Sharing – First Time Adventures – 7800 words

The Arrangement – 17,500 words

Bangkok – and the Vampires of the night – 17,800 words

The Korean Girl – FREE BOOK – 2300 words

Longer Book titles with an interesting story-line

The Navigator – An erotic sailing adventure – 39,500

Steppingley Manor – 38,600 words
(Private Members Club series – book 1)

Dantes Erotica -Private Members Club – 34,400 words
(Private Members Club series – book 2)

Dantes Erotica – Yasmins Abduction – 40,600 words
(Private Members Club series – book 3)

Waterworld Thailand – The Girl on the Beach – 23,200 words
(Private Members Club series – book 4)

Abducted and Addicted in Hong Kong – 31,400 words

Erotic story collection 1 (8 stories) – 49,200 words

Erotic story collection 2 – (9 more stories) – 43,600 words

Mind Games – An erotic suspense story – 8500 words 

 BANNED on AMAZON Un-published titles

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Escape – A British Doggers Story – 9,900 words
Follow up book to Abduction but Banned on Amazon

We started something and now she cannot stop – 2900 words
Story about being introduced to watching another couple have same room sex. Then the dog is let in and joins in the fun.

Orangeade – 20,600 words
An Asian schoolgirl with problems at home meets an old guy who offers to let her earn some money dog walking. Story involves drugs and beast.

Japanese Girlfriend – Uncensored version – 9600 words
Adam meets Kumi a beautiful small, Japanese girl at a Fetish club in London. They hit it off and eventually get married. But Kumi’s father, a well respected leader of the local Triads, dies and she has to return to Japan to help her mother and sisters run the families underground sex club business. Adam joins her and Story involves BDSM and Beast and as you can imagine, many other fetishes.

My Sexy Asian Dentist – 2500 words
Banned on amazon as story involves hypnosis and controlling the Indian dentist and her assistant.

Dogging tales – 15,000 words
Young boy gets seduced by an old man who offered driving lessons. Story contains many factual events of how it all began. If Dogging, Bi sex between boys, men, girls, women and beast offend you. Please do not read.

Confessions of Lara – 4000 words
This could have been an added chapter to Orangeade but I decided to keep it as a stand alone story. Lara was a 14 year old paper girl that met John and Rex. Teen, drugs and Beast.

Dogging and The Van man – 4300 words
I met The Van Man and Tom, his big black dog, while out dogging one evening. A rich couple turned up in a new Jaguar and the story is about what happened in the van between us 3 guys, Tom the dog and the rich couple.

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